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Wildfire is a romance fantasy novel. It is the 3rd part of Hidden Legacy (Andrews) novel series. This book from the series has been authored by Ilona Andrews. This name is actually a pen name of a husband-wife authors’ duo from America. They namely are Andrew Gordon and Ilona Gordon. The best book from the author is Magic Bleeds. Another recommended book from the author is Blood Heir.

Renee Raudman is the narrator of this chapter who just gets better and better with each appearance in the series. It was this novel in the series from where the listeners start to love her for her voice.

Nevada Baylor was unable to tell that what has been more frustrating for her. Was it about harnessing the abilities of the truth-seeker or dealing with Connor Rogan along with their evolving relationship.

The billionaire Prime is helping big time in order to navigate the daunting magical world where she has managed to become a pivotal player. But, she also needs to handle his ex-fiancee. She was the one whose husband went missing and whose unprecedented act is something very thin.

Roan was up against his own set of challenges as well just as the magical rank of Nevada made her a suitable match for the other Primes. Having control over the strong powers was easy as compared to the controlling of his emotions. He along with Nevada now are confronted by a novice threat which was within their own family.

Wildfire is a very important addition in the Hidden legacy (Andrews) series. The story of the book is spectacular and so are the characters. The narration for the first time in the series sounded so special and nice to the ears.

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