The Wives – Audiobook Online By Tarryn Fisher                                    

The Wives is a psychological mystery thriller authored by Tarryn Fisher. This novel follows the life of a woman as she navigates through a polygamous marriage. There are three wives total in this relationship. The guy gives one day of the week to each of the wives. This novel is smart and juicy and gives insight into how women will shape themselves according to the desires of their men. If you want to hear more from the author of the psychological thriller, consider The Opportunist. Also check out her famous series and its first part titled Never Never: Part One.

Lauren Fortgang has portrayed our protagonist down to the last letter. The writing of the author and the voice of this narrator go very well. It just came to life all of a sudden, listening to the performance.

Thursday and Seth are married, however, he has two other wives. She has never met the other women. Neither does she know anything about them. The only reason why she is in this mess is that she is crazy about Seth. Thus, owing to her craziness about him, she signed her name on this predicament. However, one day, she finds out something unexpected about the man that she married. Her discovery sings a completely different and horrifying tune about her man. What happens next will blow our minds. It is one of the most twisted and shocking thrillers ever. There’s only one way to find out more.

This book has heavy themes like mental illness and warping reality. The story assumes something else but the reality is different than it appears to us listeners. Without giving any spoilers, approach this one with caution, it will have you anxious till the very end.

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