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The Staff and the Blade is a paranormal romance novel. It is the fourth chapter of Irin Chronicles which is written by Elizabeth Hunter. She is a good narrator with many exciting novels. The best book if you want to know from the author is This Same Earth. Another brilliant book from the author is Runaway Fate which is as good as any other novel by the author.

This novel is narrated by Jay Britton. This novel saw e change of narrator. It wasn’t a bad performance but change of narrator in between a series is not always welcome. People were so used to with the voice of the first narrator that they found it hard to settle with such abrupt change in voice.

The union of the lovers, warriors, legends and enemies became extremely significant in the history of Irin. To understand Damien and the ending of Sari, you should go back and look at their beginning. For some four centuries ago, a younger singer along with a warrior met and they soon fell in love with each other. But, it was violence that tore apart their life. But, no matter whatever level of anger and pain stain their lives, it was hard for the bonds to be abandoned in the race of Irin.

It was a fairly good story with the same good characters as they were from the first chapter. However, it was the narration that ruined the experience of many followers. This chapter saw the change of narrator and the audience found it hard to adjust to the new voice. Plus, the narrator was taking some long pauses in between along with poor pronunciation at times which ruined the overall experience.

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