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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a fictional book. It is actually a spiritual story regarding fulfilling your long seen dreams and also for reaching your destiny. The author of this book is Robin Sharma. She is a Canadian author mostly of nonfictional motivational and self-help books. The Leader Who Had No Title is one of her most recognized books. Another sensational book from the author is The 5 AM Club.

The narration task is pretty well handled by Humphrey Bowery. It was very much because of Humphrey that this book became a must listen in audio form.

The books tells a highly incredible tale of Julian Mantle. He was a top class lawyer and it was his not so smooth lifestyle which resulted in almost a heart attack for him in a crowded courtroom. A spiritual crisis was the result because of his collapse in there. All that forced him to get answers of the most critical questions of life.

He was quite determined to find fulfilment and happiness so he embarked on an extraordinary journey towards an ancient culture. It was there where he found a very powerful system in order to release the full potential of his body, mind and soul. He learns to live then with some great purpose, passion and peace. This is exactly what Robin Sharma is sharing with the audience in this book.

This one is surely a classic book which you will find filled with some top insights. It will easily captivate your attention and would give some excellent lie lessons as well. You will be surprised to learn that this book has been published in more than 70 languages worldwide.

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