THE GUILTY – Audiobook By David Baldacci

The narrator finally changes after the trilogy and Kyf Brewer takes guard as the new narrator of the series which possesses killing suspense. We have heard about the personal life of Reel in The Innocent: A Novel and The Hit but nothing has been told by David Baldacci about Will Robie. The man has been working like a machine in the past episodes trying to achieve the impossible for the safety of his homeland.

Instead of the homeland, the story takes Will Robie back to his home this time, a home which he left long ago after a last harsh confrontation with his father. Dan Robie has been charged with a murder case, when Will Robie hears that his father is behind bars he comes for his aid but the man refuses. Dan is ready to face the consequences of his crime and that’s why he is not ready to appeal for leniency.

Will thinks there is something suspicious about the case and brings in Reel as well for investigation. The town Robie once called his own is not the same at all. Secrets are buried behind the backyards of every house and no one meets the old native with a smiling tone. Including his father, Will Robie feels that the entire town is trying to get rid of him as soon as possible. But the hitman has not come back to see the pessimistic fate of his father rather he wants to do something real quick for him. After the trilogy, the author has tried to give new themes to the story and he has succeeded in doing so as well.

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