Sometimes I Cry in the Shower

Is this a book about a man who has experienced the loss of those he loves? It is frustration and disappointment. A blueprint for your mental and emotional future, including the people you hold dear. Then suddenly your plan is ripped apart, how do you start over? We invite you to watch the continuation of this interesting book “Sometimes I Cry in the Shower”.

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Review 1: Sometimes I Cry in the Shower audiobook by Amber

Grieving over the loss of a child is a kind of hurt that no one else can understand. Going through the emotional struggles of trying to go on with life after such a loss is a lonely journey, because after all, we are alone in our minds. Even among other parents who have lost a child, the process is still unique for each person. Particularly for a strong-minded man, this can be mentally and emotionally debilitating.

In his book, “Sometimes I Cry in the Shower”, R. Glenn Kelly describes his journey toward healing after losing his son, Jonathon. It is a very personal look at the turmoil of his heart, through guilt, bitterness, bewilderment, all leading to a discovery of himself and the life that has made him who he is today. The open and honest confessions of his thoughts, feelings and actions as he describes his journey, gives the reader an inside look into his soul.

R. Glenn Kelly’s words are a gift of hope to all who have lost a loved one, and a beautiful tribute to the legacy of a wonderful son. I highly recommend it to anyone who is grieving, or those who know someone that is.

Review 2: Sometimes I Cry in the Shower audiobook by Stella

I’m having difficulty finding the right words to tell you about my reaction to this beautiful book. It has been a very long time since I have read a book that brought me to tears because I could actually feel the pain of the author — this book did. I felt like I was there with the author during Jonathan’s birth, health journey, joyful life and ultimately his death. Mr. Kelly opened his heart to the reader (me) and I felt like I was actually there with him — walking in his shoes — throughout the book. The writing was so good that his emotions became mine. It would have been easy to write this book (in particular) with gratuitous emotionalism but he didn’t — his writing is straight forward, funny, honest and transparent. Every healthcare worker in America should read this book.

Review 3: Sometimes I Cry in the Shower audiobook by Deb Moore

R. Glenn Kelly is an excellent author. In this book he shares the raw emotions of tragically losing his only son and best friend. Although he wrote this book as an outlet for his own grieving process as a father; it has excellent words of wisdom for anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a loved one. This book runs the whole gamut of emotions – sorrow, empathy, joy, love, pride, loneliness, regret… It will make you both laugh and cry over and over. It also makes you remember that every day with our loved ones should be cherished. We are never promised tomorrow. But hopefully, we have the strength in our Faith knowing that they are no longer suffering & that we will see them again some day in a better place.

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