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Small Great Things is a legal story written by Jodi Picoult. This is her 25th novel of the internationally bestselling author. This book focuses on the issue of racism and race in general. It revolves around the protagonist, Ruth Jefferson, who is a delivery nurse. Ruth is ordered not to go near a baby of a white supremacist couple. As the baby dies in her care, she is taken to court, being charged with murder. Check out another novel by the author titled The Book of Two Ways. You can also listen to Leaving Time if you’re looking for something different.

The narration for this novel is done by Audra McDonald, Cassandra Campbell, and Ari Fliakos. Their group performance earned them the Audie Award for Multi-voiced performance. The performance is just stellar.

The story is told from three perspectives: Ruth, Turk Bauer, and Kennedy McQuarrie. Turk is the father of the baby and Kennedy being Ruth’s attorney. This multi-pronged narration does wonders as it reveals multiple racial perspectives of the main characters.

Ruth had 20 years of experience under her belt. As she began a routine checkup on a newborn, she was ordered not to touch the baby by the parents. Thus, she got reassigned. The next day, Ruth is alone in the nursery as the baby goes into cardiac arrest. Does she obey the order or intervene? Thus, because of the hesitation, she is charged with a serious crime. Then, begins the legal battle, through which she has to emerge the victor.

This is a fantastic book that a person needs to just start. It is very emotional and gives the listener or reader a lot to think about. It lingers on with the person long after they’ve completed it.

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