SAVE HER SOUL Audiobook free By Lisa Regan

This is the ninth time Lisa Regan puts Josie Quinn in trouble as she chases another murderer without any evidence found at the scene. Most of the stories have been linked to Josie’s personal life; being a local in the area she always gets connected to the cases thus she solves them with more aggression. There was a case in which her sister got involved during Find Her Alive: A Gripping Crime Thriller Packed with Mystery and Suspense and now it is about Ray. Ray was Josie’s ex-husband who died a long time ago. Although Josie does not talk about the man much she still remembers him deeply whenever she is alone. His memories just cannot be erased from her mind.

So when a girl is found near a riverbank wrapped in a jacket Josie readily recognizes the jacket as it belonged to Ray once. The girl loved Ray and an investigation in the neighborhood gave Josie the hint that the girl was not normal at all. Josie knew that it was not the case like that in Her Silent Cry because the girl has committed suicide.

Just when the case was going down to the bottom drawer of Josie’s table she got the news that a bullet is found in the dead body. Murder case brings in more people under the radar and then another lady who could provide some evidence gets killed. The quite notorious web is narrated by Kate Handford which teases Josie mentally as well as emotionally on certain levels. Josie becomes serious in the case because she thinks she can reach the criminal fast because of her memories with Ray.

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