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Power Moves is a self-help and biography book written by psychologist and author Adam Grant. These are lessons from Davos as the New York Times bestselling author went to the World Economic Forum and found out what the leading men had to say about power and how it can transform the world. The author’s books are read all over the world, as they have been translated into more than 35 languages. You should check out Think Again. You can also learn a lot from Option B.

The audiobook is read by the author. He is a fantastic speaker and has given TED speeches that have been viewed by tens of millions of people. He makes the material quite interesting to listen to.

Grant delivers a mix of captivating interviews, unmistakably incisive and accurate analysis, and compelling data to give us a crash course in power. This is the power that both inspires and instructs. It leads from the front line.

We see interviews with a dozen CEOs, top scientists, start-up founders, and thought leaders. These people include executives at GM, Goldman Sachs, GM, Google, Gates Foundation, and NASA. They share their insight on how to succeed in the new era of power.

Finally, we get to see how power is reshaping every single sphere of our life. It is changing the workforce and giving women more opportunities than ever. Ultimately, it also influences the scientists and their policy.

This book serves as an important reminder that pillars of traditional power have been transformed by networks of informed citizens. Since then, the use of power is seen as a force of good in the world. Nonetheless, not everyone would agree with the message, considering its political undertones.

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