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The New Rules of Aging Well is a health and wellness book authored by Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro. It has been dubbed as a simple program for immune resilience, strength, and vitality. The author has a business-related book titled Playing to Win. Besides that, you can also check out a novel – The Collectors.

L.J. Ganser is the narrator of this book. He does a solid job of providing us the information properly presented in the book.

This book is a must-have for the COVID times. It answers the question; how can I build a strong immune system. This book is filled with information for losing weight, aging beautifully, feeling younger, and building a strong response system.

Frank Lipman is a practicing doctor. He is a leader in integrative and functional medicine. Everything that he teaches his patients has been mentioned in this book. He tells us how to reverse the symptoms of aging. These symptoms include looking puffy and feeling lousy. They are warning signs that tell us to change our lifestyle. It’s not your genes, rather it’s your lifestyle that determines how you age. It determines how we will live our lives and what choices we will end up making.

This book is worth all the hype. If we follow all the rules mentioned here, then we can expect an increased healthspan. It will make us happy, energetic, agile, strong, and sexy.

It is a must-listen if a person desires to take care of themselves and age well. It tells us to get our habits on the right track. There is a lot of helpful and practical information that can be directly applied to our lives.

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