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The Storyteller is a psychological fiction authored by Jodi Picoult. Her books have been bestsellers on lists of Sunday Times and New York Times. If you want to follow more of her books, check out The Book of Two WaysLeaving Time is another great novel from her.

The narration has been performed by Mazhon Marno, Jennifer Ikeda, and three other voice-actors. This is one of the best audiobooks because of a variety of reasons. It is just one of those books which are perfect for the audio format because of the multiple viewpoints. Besides that, the cast is just amazing in all sorts of categories.

Sage Singer is a baker who works throughout the night. She prepares bread, pastries and tries to escape the sorrow of her mother’s passing. She starts an unlikely friendship with Josef Weber who begins stopping by the bakery occasionally. They become the unlikeliest of companions as they seem to see each other’s scars.

Things change drastically as Josef reveals a very dark and shameful secret to Sage. Nobody can expect this from him. He also asks for a favor from her. If she says, she faces moral repercussions along with legal ones. Suddenly, her own identity is seemingly challenged and the integrity of her closest friend is shrouded in doubt. All of a sudden, Sage begins to rethink the choices she has made. At what point does a moral choice become a moral imperative? And where can a person draw a line between justice, punishment, mercy, and forgiveness?

This book keeps you on the edge from start to finish. The characters are very interesting with their struggles, grief, loss, and relationships. Overall, it is a fascinating story where the author has done plenty of research.

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