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Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil is a self-help book authored by Napoleon Hill. It is such a work of fiction that it was deemed too controversial to publish in his era. The book depicts an interview between Hill and the devil, where Hill attempts to uncover the secrets to success and the knowledge about impending obstacles. The book got published several years after the death of the author.

He is considered America’s number one motivational author. He has also written one of the bestselling books of all time titled Think and Grow Rich. If you want more relevant books, then consider listening to Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.

Dan John Miller and Phil Gigante are amazing as the two narrators of this book. The flow of the book is, however, ruined by the interruptions by the editor – Sharon Lechter. She has added her segments in the book where she tries to elaborate on the author, but it would have been better without these interjections.

Napoleon has a great gift to get to the root of human potential. He details how procrastination, jealousy, fear, and anger prevent us from achieving the best in life. There are ultimately seven habits as discussed by the author to outwit the devil: have a purpose in life, obtain self-mastery, utilize adversity to advantage, time is a tool, search for harmony, thinking through your plan, and finding one’s other-self. Furthermore, there are some must-do things and a few more appetites that we need to develop.

The information provided in the book is invaluable for a person searching for happiness and success in life. The ideas presented in the audiobook should be memorized by the listeners. By following the advice in this book, we can achieve mastery in our lives.

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