Mrs. Everything A Novel Full Audiobook By Jennifer Weiner

We often in our youth think that we possess the power to change the whole world with our power and passion. Though our struggle bore fruit on the initial level but in the long run as we reach the middle ages we come to know about the fact that it was actually the world that was shaping our destiny.

The two sisters passionate in their youth try to overcome the odds in a big way as one of them want to revolutionize the world and the other want to impress the world by her beauty charm.

Jo is the non conventional type and Bethie does not show any rebellious natures against the trends. However situational irony occurs when the two sisters come face to face with a life they never expected for them. Bethie shares an adventure life along with a group of fellows, a life that she never hoped or she was never ready for in the early days of her life.

Jo on the other hand the Tom boy of her era becomes a house wife and quits the idea of revolutionizing the world. Thus the world and life change us according to its own will and we are just slaves of our destinies that we cannot control at all. The easiest way to lead a life is to let oneself go with the flow.

Jennifer Weiner puts more effort as compared to Who Do You Love and Good in Bed because she wanted to convey the power of destiny. Narrated in the everlasting voice of Ari Graynor and Beth Malone the novel surely puts and everlasting impact on the mind.


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