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Magical Midlife Dating: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance novel authored by K. F. Breene. It serves as the second book of the Leveling Up series. In this book, Jessie must learn to fly, but first, she has to withstand the allure of her handsome teacher. This book is followed by Magical Midlife Invasion. Breene is known worldwide for her urban fantasy novels, which have sold more than 4 million copies. She is a USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author. Also, check out her book Raised in Fire.

The narrator Nicole Poole did a satisfactory job for the most part. She has changed her portrayal of the vampire so it does take a while to get used to the new accent.

The decision was made and Jessie took the magic and everything that comes with it, especially the wings. However, they’re of no use if she doesn’t know how to access them.

After a few terrible decisions, she decides she needs help. She asks a gargoyle for help. She could have never imagined who would answer her call, an excellent flier, a good trainer, and incredibly patient. He’s also as handsome as they come. He also seems to be interested.

Maybe, flying isn’t the only thing Jessie needs help with. Maybe, she also needs help in getting back on the saddle. She has to once again emerge into the dating pool, reborn and revitalized. However, the new gargoyle is not one to back down. He’s an alpha, just like Austin. The town is not nearly big enough for the both of them.

This book has done a great deal to change the main character and it is amazing. She is much more confident and sure of herself. Overall, it’s a solid read.

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