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Leaving Time is a literary fiction novel written by bestselling author Jodi Picoult. It is about how three lonely people deal with their grief and write their destiny. It is an emotionally deep novel. If you want to read other work by the author, check out Nineteen Minutes. Besides that, you can also listen to The Book of Two Ways.

The narration has been performed by Rebecca Lowman and three other voice-actors. Because of the group effort, this proves to be a great performance. There is emotion in their voices. All the characters have distinct voices.

Jenna has been left alone by her mother, Alice Metcalf. All signs point towards an abandonment. But how is it possible? Alice was a scientist who studied grief among elephants. She had a lot of research papers and journals.

Now, it has been a decade and Jenna is still thinking about this. The father had also suffered a mental breakdown because of the situation. In this case, Jenna was truly orphaned. She refuses to believe that her devoted mother gave up on her. She searches for any sort of clue online or in her mother’s journals. She wants to read something that will reveal her mother’s whereabouts.

Thus, Jenna enlists the help of two unlikely allies; Serenity Jones and Virgil Stanhope. Serenity is a psychic famous for finding lost persons. Virgil is a private detective. Together, these three will try to solve the questions, which might give rise to even more confusing answers.

This novel hits differently. It is a sort of mystery combined with a sort of account of the lives of elephants in the wild and in captivity. You can experience it the proper way by listening to it.

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