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Joy on Demand is a self-help book written by Chade-Meng Tan. It is based on the art of finding happiness within you. The author claims that we don’t need to meditate for hours on end to achieve happiness. He has a technique that can accomplish the feat in fifteen seconds. The author has one other audiobook to his credit, titled Search Inside Yourself.

Telly Leung as the narrator of this book hasn’t done a satisfactory job. The pace is not good and it ruins the overall experience. He doesn’t add any dimension to the book. It would be better to read the print version.

Joy and meditation are two complementary things that go hand in hand. You can consistently get access to it in mere moments. Even if you take a deep breath, it is a sort of progress in the right direction. Such skills can be acquired to form a virtuous cycle that can then help in our daily life. Joy leads to meditation and meditation leads to joy.

Many cultures teach meditation where the practitioners apply the techniques for their whole life. They have countless hours of experience under their belt. Meng shares with us three pillars of joy to make it easy for us. These pillars are inner peace, happiness, and insight. Thus, when we understand joy, we understand life.

The book is a bit self-contradictory. On one hand, the author says that meditation can get you benefits quickly. Then, he states the importance of thousands of hours under our belt so we get better at it. Other than that, the advice is solid. The author has compared meditation to an exercise. In that sense, there are many forms of exercise and all have their benefits.

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