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Investing for Beginners is an investing, trading, and finance book authored by George Doros. It has been dubbed as the New Bible to teach strategies, techniques, and secrets to generate passive income. There is also information about stock market investments and options trading. Thus, because of all these topics, this audiobook is a three-in-one. Doros has other books on modern technology such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Besides that, one can also check out Ethereum.

The book’s narration has been performed by Keith A. Bailey and Eric LaCord. They get straight to the point with their business tone. The information has been presented in a way that is understandable for the listener.

It is time that you stop working for your money and let your money work for you. A person gets tired after working their normal nine-to-five job. And what do they get in return – an average income. In this case, a person should look towards securing their financial future so that they can support their family and take control of their time.

A person does feel jealous of the people who can earn money just by investing it in the right places. Sure, money can be earned by hard work, but how long can a person sustain that level. While a person’s skill can earn them a lot of money, there is only one way to get wealthy, and that is through investing. It’s time to stop chasing money but never get enough of it. The first investment starts with this book.

This book has step-by-step guidelines for investment. It is the perfect book for the novice who has no idea about the world he/she is stepping in. Even though the topic is a difficult one, the author does a good job of trying to simplify for the layman.

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