Human Origins 7 Million Years and Counting

Human Origins 7 Million Years and Counting is a science book that explores how our ancestors took their first steps towards becoming humans. We humans descended from great apes that lived in the forests of East Africa 7 million years ago. How people develop, how to use language, use fire and tools, develop agriculture and modern civilization today.

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Review 1: Human Origins 7 Million Years and Counting audiobook by Ms. Erica Wildwood

I love these New Scientist books. They bring you up to date with the latest thinking on subjects of interest without you having to plough through possibly dry academic tomes or having to wait for possibly sporadic articles in specialist magazines.
However, I’m surprised that scientists are still wittering on about why we humans lost most of our body hair when The Aquatic Ape hypothesis has such an elegant solution to this and many other conundrums (conundra?) of human evolution. This hypothesis isn’t even mentioned. Could that be because Elaine Morgan, who popularised it, wasn’t a card-carrying academic, or even because – god forbid – she was a WOMAN?

Review 2: Human Origins 7 Million Years and Counting audiobook by Legal Vampire

Excellent, fascinating, easily readable book.

I am not an expert but have e.g. attended several Oxford University Extension courses in recent years on this subject and, while there are some discoveries I have heard of elsewhere that the authors do not have time to mention, I learned a lot from this survey of human prehistory.

The subject advances so fast that in 10 years’ time this will probably be obsolete, but that may always be the case and this is well worth reading now.

Review 3: Human Origins 7 Million Years and Counting audiobook by Czechboy

Exactly what a non scientific person like myself needed. Nicely written and very informative. I actually feel more knowledgeable now.

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