(Full Audiobook) On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

It’s very rare that we find Stephen King narrating his own novels though he is a good narrator the main focus has always been writing. This one, however, provides us both faces of King as he narrates his own book. The novel could also be termed as an autobiographical one as King starts telling us about his own childhood and boyhood. The troubles that he faced in the early days of his life in school and at home really had an impact on his mind that was creative right from the beginning.

The book also gives us a real touch because the memories are not clear one, they are just recollection in an unarranged order thus this thing gives us a hint that the whole thing is not fake. If King had written the whole thing intentionally then we would be able to find a rhythm or continuity in the novel that we see in books like The Institute and Mr. Mercedes: A Novel. He even tells us how he compiled his first novel and then the problems that he faced were too big for a little mind that comes new to the scene. 

The book is brilliant as it provides you information about the difficulties an artist faces during his early career. There are also many bits of advice for the new people as well who have joined the field recently. He even tells the tale of his real-life accidents that he faced and depicted in his stories later with the zeal to survive at any cost.  Several of his own stories according to him provided strength to his own self that he used to better his life.

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