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Where the Forest Meets the Stars is a novel by famous author Glendy Vanderah. This is a beautiful, award-winning work at Goodreads Choice. The story revolves around a strange child who teaches 2 strangers how to love and trust again. Girl Joanna lost her mother, she battled breast cancer beyond herself. Joanna Teale returned to graduate school, working in rural Illinois, proving that hardship did not discourage her.

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Review 1: Where the Forest Meets the Stars audiobook by Christina D.

Enjoyable. Which “story” version is true…

I can see why this is classified as science fiction, and why others do not. It depends on which story version you believe. The classification can be an indicator of which is true.

Yes there were some, what could be considered, repetitive aspects, but they were told in slightly different ways at times to keep an element of causing people to at times wonder, “Perhaps the other “version” is true.”

I can usually easily figure things out about a story, but this was one that truly kept me switching what I believed was going on, and I could easily go with either one after finishing the story. The classification is what will satisfy my view on which. Or not, if I choose. lol

Yes, the overuse of the words, “___” said was an issue for me too. It would pull me out of the story way too often. I eventually automatically started replacing it with other ways it could have been written, mentally. Again taking me out of the flow.

Yes Ursa can be considered whiney. She is still a child, despite her mental level. A child typically does whine, especially when they do not get their way. Some a lot.

Plus if a certain story version is the true one, that is part of what one can play out in order to experience and learn about. There may have been a purpose to it…

Overall I really enjoyed the story enough to write my first review after being a member for 71/2 years.

Review 2: Where the Forest Meets the Stars audiobook by Anonymous User

The story was fine but the reading was annoying – the “he said”/”she said” comments really broke up the story telling and was not necessary since each character had their own voice. As well, the young character’s whining was over done in my opinion.

Review 3: Where the Forest Meets the Stars audiobook by Linda

Awesome Story About Love and Redemption

What an amazing novel and to be a debut blows me away. This story is so beautiful and so intense that it will make you cry because it is so nice. Jo is a bird specialist, and it monitoring the nests in a rural southern Illinois area. She is recovering from a serious illness and has recently lost her mother to cancer. She is vulnerable but also very strong. Her neighbor is somewhat of a recluse. She only sees him when he is selling eggs so she calls him ‘egg man.’ One night, a girl appears at the end of the country road leading to the cabin Jo is renting. The girl says she came from the Pinwheel Constellation and she must stay on earth until she sees 5 miracles. The entire story is about love, caring about others, and how sometimes you just have to do the unexpected to get to the best result. The story includes a child’s faith in life and knowing when someone is just perfect for her. It involves accepting yourself as you are even if the world sees you broken, and it involves love and how love can heal the impossible situations and bring about life affirming results. This is a terrific novel. The little girl is a wonder. The adults she has found are confounded by her but do everything they can to keep her safe. I listened to this mostly in audible and enjoyed the voices portrayed by the narrator. Even the constant and annoying, ‘said Jo’ or ‘he said’ or ‘she said’ following the character speaking at the moment could not take away from the joy of reading/listening to this book. I hope the author writes more books. You can be sure I’ll be reading them. Lauren Enzo is perfect as narrator.

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