(Free Online Audiobook) When I’m Gone By Emily Bleeker

Novel paints the real picture of life when a person loses his loved one after which the rest of the life is a hard toil and nothing else. Luke Richardson loses his wife at an early age and with three children to take care of he thinks that his life is almost over. But right after the burial of Natalie he receives a letter written to him by his wife. 

The handwriting clearly matches and then after that he starts receiving those letters in regular intervals. First he becomes curious about how the letters were coming to him but then he forgets all that and indulges himself in what the letters are saying to him. 

His wife started writing those letters right when her cancer was diagnosed and she knew that she would not survive out of that. Each letter was like a message that provided Luke the passion to live life with the much needed energy. 

Natalie was never gone; she was with him in the form of letters and the messages that were written on them. Luke quickly seems to get a new life with the help of the letters that his wife wrote.

 Emily Bleeker the author makes the listeners realize that love is something that gives life and passion even when the lover is not with you anymore. Wreckage and What It Seems were never well polished like this one and with a flavor of love this one can be listened to again and again, especially the portion where Luke loses Natalie. 

Dan John Miller’s narration can make the listener cry even if he is listening to it attentively in isolation.

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