(Free Online Audiobook) Tripwire – Jack Reacher Book 3 By Lee Child

Tripwire is the 3rd chapter in the Jack Reacher novel series. The book is expertly written by Lee Child who is an absolute genius with genre fiction novels. The Jack Reacher became the best-selling series and every book in this saga has got something special to offer to the audience. A couple of other significant chapters from the series are Running Blind and Echo Burning.

Jonathan McClain has performed in the audiobook version of this novel. His performance in this chapter was flawless and the listeners had some enjoyable time listening to his apt tone and expression for the characters he played.

The long kept anonymity of Jack Reacher is completely shattered in Florida. It came at the hands of an investigator who was chasing him for quite some time. 

However, after quite a few hours of his arrival. The stranger is killed. Retracting the trail of PI back to New York City. Jack Reacher is quite compelled to check out who was chasing him and what was the reason. He was never expecting the reason behind this chase to be of any personal nature.

This Jack Reacher edition is a whole new adventure in the evergreen Jack Reacher novel series. The author has paced this novel quite well and you can never afford to miss even a minute of its narration.

 On top of that, Jonathan McClain is right at the top of his game and his performance was extremely powerful and immensely adorable as well. The Tripwire novel from the Jack Reacher novel series is highly recommended to all fictional lovers.

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