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Trained to Hunt is the second book in the Pierce Hunt series by renowned author Simon Gervais. Former Army special forces Pierce Hunt 2nd time joining the CIA assassin hunting team must be away from his daughter. A new performance-enhancing drug kills four soccer players, including his daughter’s boyfriend. Pierce Hunt is the country’s hope to stop this dreaded killer drug.

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Review 1: Trained to Hunt audiobook by shelley

Action packed!

This is the second book in the Pierce Hunt series. Can be listened to as a stand alone but I would suggest listening to Hunt them Down first. This is a really good series and if you like procedurals than they’re worth listening to in order.
Very shortly after Hunt leaves on a joint CIA/DEA mission his girlfriend is targeted by people on her own organization. Becoming the default head of her family’s drug cartel, Anna wants to go ligit, members of her organization are opposed. Meanwhile, athletes are dying from amphetamines being sold by them. She’s getting the blame.
The mission Pierce is on is tied to this but neither is aware what the other is involved in.
Bon Shaw aka R C Bray does an outstanding job as always.
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Review 2: Trained to Hunt audiobook by Lia

2nd Fantastic Book Another Wow!

Trained To Hunt picks up where Hunt Them Down leaves off. The Black Tosca cartel is in shambles and the leaders dead. But some members survived and Pierce Hunt isn’t going to allow that to stand. Pierce gets a tip on where they are, but someone beats him to it and now he has more trouble. Meanwhile, Anna is following through on her promise to dismantle all of the illegal holdings run by her father and brother. Competitors smell blood in the water and Anna has problems of her own. All sorts of threads to pull on here. Her attempts to go straight are being sabotaged. Not everyone in her organization wants to go legit and someone appears to be pulling their strings. Some dirty amphetamine pills are killing student athletes and it appears Anna’s crime family is behind it without her knowledge. Pierce and his team have been sent to Afghanistan to find the drug lab. The lab might be there, but the party is in Venezuela. Hunt can’t be in 3 places at once, it only seems like it. A quick stop in Miami to kill those that are about to kill Anna and then he and Carter are off to Venezuela to get the evidence they need to put a stop to this drug being smuggled in to the States. All the action in this book leaves you wanting more and the ending makes it clear that we will get it. Highly recommend this one!

Bon Shaw was amazing with the delivery of the story.

Review 3: Trained to Hunt audiobook by AUK

Tries too hard

I don’t know. Pierce Hunt is cool and all, but the stories seem very unoriginal. Obviously, the author has visions of grandeur a la Daniel Silva and Brad Thor, but I don’t think his story telling is there yet. His scenes aren’t vivid enough and Pierce is heroic, but not in an off the chain-grab my attention-can’t stop listening-way. Book 1 was better, but book 2 (this one) went the wrong direction. Give it a shot though. You may disagree with me….

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