(Free Online Audiobook) The Sun Also Rises By Ernest Hemingway

One of the classics of Ernest Hemingway finally comes in audio which is a good thing for the youngsters who have not yet touched such classics. William Hurt does not use the old style in narration which looks appropriate because in order to capture the new generation it is better to use their way of talk. Hemingway was the man who changed the approach of the generation that survived after the world war with his classics. 

The aimless people who survived the war thought it tougher than the war to find an aim. Then there were people like Jake Barnes who know what they want in life but they just cannot achieve it because the scars of war go deeper than the skin. Jake Barnes loves Brett Ashley but they cannot form a bond of love because during the war an injury made Jake impotent forever. Brett too once loved him and perhaps that love is still hidden somewhere in her mind but she just cannot give up sex for love. 

It is a desire that is taking over the feeling of love and as both of them roam here and there in the world they think that nothing is satisfying them at all. Company of one another is what they look for all the time and Brett tries to form a relationship with different men but it does not last long. In the end we see them watching bullfighting which is of course a must have item for the Hemingway’s classics. 

We can assume that things might go well for them in the future. Jake is not one of the Code Heroes that we witnessed in The Old Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls but an attractive personality. The man struggles in his life in a big way but still he is not committing suicide rather he is trying to indulge himself in an energetic task.

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