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Lighthouse Beach is a novel by famous author Shelley Noble. The book is a moving story about love, friendship and what we are willing to sacrifice for our dreams. What is supposed to be an idyllic wedding comes full of unexpected discoveries. We invite you to watch this fascinating book unfold.

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Review 1: Lighthouse Beach A Novel audiobook by JoyD

Great listen

Really wished there was a sequel to this book. I would have loved to know where each girl ended up. Did LILO and Ned or Ian and Dianna make a difference what about Jess, did she make a go of the restoration project. There is more to the stories. But not this one.

Review 2: Lighthouse Beach A Novel audiobook by Theresa Payne

This was my first book by Shelley Noble. While I appreciated the story line, the main characters, and some great supporting characters I had a hard time of it at the end. I kept thinking, “Wait, this is it?” The premise of the novel is great; girl finally realizing she is about to marry the absolute worst person possible. The gang of four girls take off from the wedding and head to the only place where they think they will not be found. A great host of supporting characters come out to meet and greet the women. All four have very interesting stories and things they need to overcome…I just felt by the end we were still left wondering if any of them are going to make it. I guess you could say this book left me wanting.

Review 3: Lighthouse Beach A Novel audiobook by Patti

Lillo feels totally out place as she arrives at the hotel for her friend Jessica’s wedding. She know that Jessica’s family is very wealthy. Lillo arrives in a borrowed beat up VW van and borrowed clothes. They have not seen each other since they were 15 at Lillo’s parents “fat” camp. Jessica sent her an email begging her to come so she is here to support her friend. Almost as soon as Lillo enters the hotel, Jessica sweeps her down the street to a restaurant/bar and to meet her two best friends from college. On the way back they stumble upon Jessica’s fiance have sex with a waitress from the hotel while leaning up against a car in the hotel parking lot. There were a number of other witnesses as well including Jessica’s parents. Jessica’s parents response is ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘it will be better tomorrow’. Jessica’s friends want to get her the heck out of there. Lillo is the only one of the 4 women with a car so they head out in the van to Lighthouse Beach where Lillo lives. At first I thought Jessica was the one in need of a support system. But there is the mystery of why Lillo stopped practicing medicine and Allie and Diana also have their reasons for needing supportive friends. I hope Shelley Noble writes a sequel. I would love to see these women again and see how they are doing.

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