(Free Online Audiobook) Heads Will Roll By Kate McKinnon & Emily Lynne

Heads Will Roll is a book written by Kate McKinnon, who is a Saturday Night Live star. She is a great talent and a recipient of the Emmy Award and American Comedy Award. She was also the proud presenter at the Academy Awards in 2017.

The real sister of Kate, Emily Lynne is the costar is of Heads Will Roll. She has also worked behind the scenes in the capacity of contributing writing for producing award shows and commercials. This audible original is not a standard audiobook.

They are Tim Gunn, Peter Dinklage, Meryl Streep, and the Queer Eye’s Fab Five along with many others. Kate McKinnon, Emily Lynne could be heard in the audio narration.

The Queen Mortuana of the Night Realm and Jojo (Lynne). Her ditsy raven minion, have a prophecy related to a peasant uprising. They both must set off together to find the Shard of Acquiescence to not only put down the rebellion but also save the throne. Will it be possible with their friends to help in the survival of the sensitive generals, whiny behemoths, chatty sex slaves, and the princess with bird fetishes?

This bawdy satire also put on display some wicked talents of Carol Kane, Andrea Martin, Aidy Bryant, Audra McDonald, Heidi Gardner, Alex Moffat, Steve Higgins, Chris Redd, Esther Perel, Bob the Drag Queen, and many more.

The book is for an adult audience only. It contains explicit sexual content along with adult languages and violence. It is a full-on entertainment for an adult audience that is provided in a very unique manner in the audio format.

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