(Free Online Audiobook) Elevation By Stephen King

Stephen King is a name in the literary writing fraternity who needs no introduction. He has written quite a number of novels and almost each one of them went on to become a super-hit among the audience. Horror fiction and mystery novels with suspense is what Stephen King is known for. Checking out his novels The Stand and The Outsider would be a great idea to enjoy some of the best literary writings and performances that you will ever come across.

Elevation is a mystery thriller with topnotch suspense that beautifully concludes in the end. Elevation is one special novel out of quite a few, where Stephen King himself has done the narration. It is a short-length novel that lasts a little less than 4 hours. However, it is very safe to say that Stephen King is as good a narrator as he is a writer.

The book also has a bonus story by the author named “Laurie”. The bonus story is something that is only available in audio format.

The novels tells an amazing story about a man and his mysterious affliction, which brings a tiny town together. Scott Carey doesn’t at all look different and he has been losing weight drastically. There were one or two other odd things as well. He used to weigh the same in his clothes and also out of them, no matter if they are even too heavy. All that Scott Carey wants now is that he doesn’t want to be prodded and poked at all. He usually wants somebody else to know and Dr. Bob Ellis is the one who he trusts.

Things get more interesting ahead in this iconic novel by Stephen King.


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