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Chapterhouse Dune is the sixth book in the Dune series by famous author Frank Herbert. The desert planet of Arrakis is destroyed, the inheritances of power take over a green world, and turn into a desert that is scorched by miles. Chapterhouse Dune was the last book written by Frank Herbert before his death, the final installment in his favorite Dune series.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Chapterhouse Dune audiobook by Denis

Horrendous narration

Listened to all the books this series up to this one. Could not finish this book due to horrendous narration by a female. The absurd out of place voice inflections and intonations, the changes from audible speech to whisper, without any reason for it, the British accent that made it next to impossible to understand passages, and the overall equal pacing of her speech which blended the whole thing into a mess, and zoned me out.

At first, I had to chose between continuing the book, or dropping it all together. I had made the choice to continue, but skip the section narrated by her. Then, I just dropped the whole book.

What a waste. A wonderful saga ruined by this horrible decision, to mix narrators, and the worst of it, to introduce one who utterly ruined the whole book. I wonder how many other books were ruined by that “executive” decision.

The first out of over two hundred books on Audible that I could not finish.

Review 2: Chapterhouse Dune audiobook by Chris Carl

Great Story! Horrible way to compile a narration.

I love the story. I been reading all the dune series that Frank Herbert wrote and been doing the audio books too. The worst narration was Dune Messiah. This narration has the same problems as Dune Messiah. Instead of using differ narrators for differ characters they just had them all narrate random chapters. Like they are all practicing narrating and not taking this one seriously. A message to whoever produces this audio book: We do not want random narrations that are disjointed. We want a male narrator doing male voices and a female one doing the female voices. Quit messing up our audio books. These narrators are great but who ever produced this is dumb as all can be.

Review 3: Chapterhouse Dune audiobook by Loren A Goodwin

Unchallenged Series Finale

Have read this book many times along with the rest of the Dune Series. First time listen on the audio format and all of the books were great. Could have done with out the female narrator of Chapterhouse however. She needs some serious work on tonality and timing. Other than that small irritation all was splendid!


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