(Free Online Audiobook) Camino Winds – Camino Island Book 2 By John Grisham

Camino Island no doubt happens to be a cool and shady place for those who like to live a few days away from the hustle and bustle of life. This however makes it a perfect spot to commit a crime of any sort as no one is keeping an eye on you. 

A robbery of an antique in Camino Island was a big crime but now emerges a dead body on the scene. Murder was committed at the time of the hurricane, at that time all the security and the concerned staff was busy in dealing with the natural calamity. Murderer took advantage of the scenery and did what he was perhaps trying for many days.

 When the hurricane was approaching there were clear orders from the governor to leave the place but Bruce stayed for an experience. Nelson at this time was found in a badly wounded condition and most of the people thought that it was because of the hurricane. 

Bruce with his experience was able to tell that wounds were not because of the storm or anything like that. Police of the town show no concern for the case because the officials’ busy days in the storm. Bruce starts exploring and finds that the murder has a link with the manuscript of Nelson’s new novel. 

John Grisham’s plot in this novel is stronger than The Reckoning, this emerging new series has really shown the skills of John to the world. Forgetting Michael Beck’s narration and not appreciating it would be an injustice, the man has given everything for a nice show of this book among the fans.