Free Full Audiobook – The Jungle By Clive Cussler | Oregon Files Book 8

The Jungle is a historical and adventure fiction authored by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul. It is the eighth novel in the series featuring the crew of Oregon’s battleship. In this novel, the crew is tasked with helping a wealthy man who has to find his daughter. She appears to have gotten in trouble in the jungles of Myanmar. The crew is thus set on a mission that takes them around the world.

They face a supervillain that if they don’t stop, might bring the US to its knees. Cussler is a beloved author because of his fantastic novels on nautical fiction. He is an underwater explorer and an adventurer. You should check out another one of his books, titled Inca Gold. Furthermore, you can listen to Fast Ice if you’re looking for another great book.

Jason Culp is the narrator of this book. While his performance is adequate, the series has taken a different turn in terms of narration instead of the reliable Scott Brick of the previous novels.

Jungles come in all sorts of forms. Burmese highlands have steamy rain forests. There lie the betrayals of the world of covert operations. From there, a plan is being launched to bring the world under the control of one man. Thus, in this novel, Juan and his crew must survive all of this to pull off the mission.

In 13th century China, a devastating new weapon has been unleashed. A rescue operation is being carried along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. A woman has also gone missing in Myanmar. Juan better starts solving this one before time runs out.

This is another great book by the adventurer and explorer. It mixes elements of history and high-tech thrill. The narration is fine but not as good as some of the previous novels.

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