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Sacred Stone is an adventure and nautical fiction authored by Clive Cussler and Craig Dirgo. The book serves as the second novel in The Oregon Files series. It features Juan Cabrillo who is the captain of a highly advanced warship disguised as a rickety tramp steamer. The crew is made up of intelligence operatives and ex-military. Check out the author’s bestselling book titled Pacific Vortex. Then there’s also Iceberg which is worth the listen.

J.Charles is the narrator of this book. He isn’t the best choice for this job. The effort to give different characters their unique voice is really poor. His voice doesn’t fit the characters he’s trying to do. It’s just not a good combination with the type of author Cussler is.
This novel has different plotlines that all converge at some point. These seemingly separate plots are interconnected one way or another. First is the issue of supplying security to the emir of Qatar. There is a conference happening in Iceland. That is where security is required. Then, there is a missing nuclear bomb. That is to be located.

The crew has another job; they have to pick up a radioactive meteorite from an ancient shrine. The stone holds some primordial matter from another planet. There are also two groups of fanatics. First is the one that wants to use the Stone to build a bomb that can lay waste to cities. They are an extremist Islamist group. The second group wants to swap this stone with the Black Stone.

This is a well-written novel with an exciting plot. The only issue is the inadequate narration. J. Charles might be able to do other types of novels but this isn’t for him. His characters sound less like crime fighters and more like cartoon characters.

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