Free Full Audiobook – Piranha By Clive Cussler | Oregon Files Book 10

Piranha is suspense, thriller, and adventure fiction authored by Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison. It is the 10th installment in The Oregon Files series which features our familiar hero and his crew aboard the super ship. This series is a well-known one by the author. You can check out Golden Buddha which is the first of this series. You can follow that up with Sacred Stone as the second book.

Scott Brick is the narrator of this book. We know what an illustrious voice-actor he is. He is one of the best voices out there who has won multiple Earphone and Audie Awards. His voice is well-suited to this genre.

It’s 1902 and a volcano, Mt. Pelée erupts on the island of Martinique. It destroys a city of 30,000 people. It also sinks a ship of German scientists on the verge of an astonishing discovery. After a century has passed, it will be Cabrillo who will have to deal with the legacy of the scientists.

During an operation, Cabrillo and his crew manage to fake the sinking of their ship. However, the enemy already knows this is a ruse and tracks them down. There are plans to assassinate the hero and his crew. They discover that despite their advanced planning, the enemy knows all their moves. It turns out; a treacherous American had finished the German scientists’ work. Now, this crew is all that stands against him and world domination

Team Cussler delivers again with another amazing book. Obviously, at this point in the series, you have to know the background to understand this one. Hence, you can enjoy this book if you read it as a standalone novel.

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