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Family Tree is a novel about love, pain, loss of the past and promise of the future. Annie Harlow’s life is related to the famous cooking TV show, she has a handsome husband and a happy life with her first child in Los Angeles. Annie wakes up from a year-long coma, how much has her life changed? We invite you to watch this story unfold.

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Review 1: Family Tree A Novel audiobook by Joanna

Not enjoying the narration

I’m not sure I’m going to finish this – it’s very slow moving, which can be a good thing if it adds to the story line or character development. In this case there is no reason to belabor the details, plus the narrator’s inflections go high and low at an uneven pace – either she’s too loud or too soft. And I cringe when she speaks in the men’s voices — soooo unnaturally soft and mellow it makes it hard to imagine the men that would own these voices! This might be one of those books better read than listened to.

Review 2: Family Tree A Novel audiobook by Deborah Wainey

Annie and Fletcher keep missing the opportunity to move forward in life together. College competes with a family tragedy. Career butts up against a rebound romance. Will the third time be the charm when they reconnect after Annie awakens from a year-long coma, or will her quest to fulfill her dreams again dash their hopes of committing to each other. With a maple sugar farm as the backdrop, Annie and Fletcher work their way through highs and lows that seemingly conspire against them over the years. The lessons of love, food and family learned at the hands of her beloved Gran just may be the ingredients Annie needs to see it through as she awakens and embarks on a journey to find her self.

Review 3: Family Tree A Novel audiobook by MEB Haskell

I kept finding myself losing myself in this story as it progressed. My heart broke for Annie when she got up from her coma and realized she had lost a year of her life. As her memory returns she gradually learns what is important to her – what she needs to have a satisfying life.

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