Fear the Sky (Full Audiobook) The Fear Saga Book 1 By Stephen Moss

The human race is advanced specie with all the machines and the gadgets that it has developed over the years but there is a fear found in the minds. The fear that much advanced civilizations still exists out there in the stars is never gone. Some think that the aliens want to make us hostage other are of the opinion that they want us dead, Stephen Moss puts in his own thought. The aliens in this saga are advanced than ever there grandeur can be observed by their ships that can be seen like the stars when they enter into our galaxy.

 But they don’t want to fight nor do they want to make the humans their slaves because they are not interested in the humans. The primary goal of these aliens is to acquire the planet Earth, as the planet has something that they need. They can win the war if started because they can face any nuclear threat which is so primitive for them but in this process the precious planet would be harmed which they don’t want.

 The invaders have send in a ship before their landing and it works like a spy cam keeping an eye on the human activities all the time and keeping them engaged too. The other two in the sequence Fear the Survivors and Fear the Future should not be ignored at all. All these three parts of the saga are narrated by R.C. Bray the fans favorite and the first choice of every listener in the current era. So get ready for the tour of the century that will rock your ideas about alien invasion.


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