Executive Power (Full Audiobook) Mitch Rapp Series, Book 6 By Vince Flynn

Executive Power is a crime mystery thriller, where you will find Mitch Rapp again in his best form as a counterterrorism operative of CIA, while solving one case after the other. The book is part 6 of the Mitch Rapp Series and equally well written as compared to the prior novels of this saga. George Guidall is back once again to give his powerful and stern voice for the narration of this novel.

Vince Flynn is regarded as one of the best and fully charged writer of his time. In this novel, Executive Power, he puts his prime character Mitch Rapp right inExecutive Power he crossfire as the worst enemies of United States starts to tighten their grip.

Mitch Rapp after returning from a highly secretive mission was publicly acknowledged by the president of the country for his untiring efforts and his critical role in the much needed fight against terrorism. After a good long tenure of Mitch Rapp as an undercover agent on secret missions, he finally came under the spotlight of media. Mitch Rapp with this popularity has his life under danger. He was marked for death by almost every terrorist from different parts of the word. Mitch Rapp is now working as an advisor of CIA. With his new role, he is happy and determined to fight terrorism, while staying far away from the front lines. Things changed for him when a team of Navy SEAL gets ambushed in Philippines.

Kill Shot and Lethal Agent novels by Vince Flynn are as good as any other novels, which the author has written on crime mystery genre. They are highly engaging and did a lot of business world over. You should get your copy and listen to the amazing audio narration of this stunning mystery novels.

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