Evvie Drake Starts Over A Novel – Full Audiobook By Linda Holmes

Life can be started in a new way whenever you like appears to be to be the message of the novel written with quite an expertise by Linda Holmes. Linda Holmes has narrated the novel as well with a colleague Julia Whelan that proves that she was quite desperate about the correct presentation of this book.

The author has done a lot of homework because we get to know the psychology of a widow in a big way. The grief that she faces and the hours that she pass mourning for her dead husband make us believe that we are not reading fiction it is a tale from our neighborhood.

Most of Evvie’s friends think that she is taking the thing too far as she should start thinking of her own self now and for this purpose she goes to her old home. There she finds another person who was her childhood friend facing a downfall in his career as he is unable to pitch straight now. As they promise not to talk about each other’s past their friendship soon changes into a relationship they needed the most.

The healing power of love finally takes over as both of the wounded friends find a soft niche in the world of sorrow. The involvement proves so fruitful they forget about their downfall or sorrows and start enjoying the new happy phase of their lives.

The story has everything a little humor mixed up with some sentimental scenes that makes the listener attached to the private life of the main characters. The climax is not that big but still the story is a nice choice for the weekend.  


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