DAYLIGHT Audiobook By David Baldacci – Best Selling Audiobook

Atlee Pine is an agent of a high degree; she has solved cases on the local level perfectly throughout her life. Becoming an agent was her dream since childhood but she wanted to become an agent not for serving the people rather she wants to find her twin sister Mercy. Her sister was kidnapped long ago and the investigation made by the police never bore any fruit for her family. At this stage in her life now she can take things into her control thus she assumes that finding Mercy would become easy in this way.

With her most trusted assistant Carol, the young agent starts looking into her sister’s case in detail. Looking into the files of old criminals and investigation at different locations provide just nothing, in a hopeless situation Atlee thinks of leaving the case forever. During this hopeless condition, she finally gets the name of the person who abducted her sister. Author David Baldacci at this stage of the novel adds new energy in Atlee by using which she starts the investigation in a refreshed way.

Her investigation makes her join hands with John Puller i.e an army officer also looking for the same crime. The mission turns from local to global and quite bigger than A Minute to Midnight and Walk the Wire. The end just gives an electric shock in the voice of Brittany Pressley and Kyf Brewer when all of us along with Altee come to know about the fate of Mercy. What happened to that little abducted girl was just horrible and she never deserved all of that but her ill fate took her to that spot.

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