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Dark Psychology is a psychology, mental health, and wellness book authored by Dylan Black. It is a three-in-one book with manipulation, persuasion, and dark psychology as the main topics. It claims to teach the listener the skills to analyze people with NLP, mind control, and hypnosis. It also teaches the listener how to defend oneself from brainwashing and deception. Also, make sure to check out Persuasion Psychology from the same author. You can also read Manipulation Psychology.

The narration has been performed by the duo of Sean Antony and Duane DeSalvo. Their voices are perfect for this sort of book. Overall, it is an adequate performance that gets the message across.

If you want to persuade people through hypnosis and other relevant techniques, you have chosen the right book. Dark psychology is the field of study many haven’t learned to appreciate. They are careless and let other people control their minds. It is one of the things that are out in the industry as powerful influencers use this to get an upper-hand.

This book explains some of the essential principles of this mysterious world of Dark Psychology. Each chapter is designed in such a way that it can appeal to the layman with no previous experience. You will also be taught how to utilize these techniques yourself.

When people are surrounded by manipulators, self-confidence goes out of the window. A person constantly feels as if they owe other people. This book teaches the reader how to take control of your life back into your own hands.

The book is filled with gems of information that can be applied in our daily lives. It teaches us a lot of practical skills that are backed by science.

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