Best Audiobook – CITY OF BONES By Cassandra Clare

Just like Cassandra Clare’s previous novels and series this one also starts with the description of an ordinary girl named Clary Fray. Clary used to live in New York with her mother and both mother and daughter were not more than an average human being. One day on her routine path Clary becomes a witness to a murder. She tries to call the police but the dead body is not there anymore after a second glance. Those who killed the boy also disappeared in no time and there was nothing to be told or talked about.

But Clary was sure that she saw the whole incident, it was the guild known as the Shadowhunters who killed not a boy but a demon in front of her. She wanted to forget this whole incident as quickly as possible but then she and her mother face the brutal attack of the demons. The Shadowhunters especially the naughty one named Jace takes interest in the case at once.

The guild starts investigating how Clary was able to see them and the demon in the first place. Clary also wants to take revenge on the demons now because of the vicious attack on her mother. Chain of Gold also talked about such a girl who starts facing demons at once but she was well trained this one is new in the business. City of Ashes will take everything much further which is narrated by Mae Whitman here. The war between the human world and the demons has finally broken out and the Shadowhunters are the only line of defense between the two worlds.

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