Best Audiobook 2021 – A Merciful Truth By Kendra Elliot

 A Merciful Truth is the second chapter of the Mercy Kilpatrick. It is quite evident from the title that it is going to be a mystery thriller, which it is. Further, the fans of the first novel of the Mercy Kilpatrick novel series were eagerly waiting for this installment. The author, Kendra Elliot managed to captivate the attention of the audience in a very inspiring manner. If you are interested in other novels from the author then The Last Sister and The Silence are the ones to look for.

Teri Schnaubelt is back again after a successful performance given in the first installment of the series. The audience loved it again and enjoyed every bit of it.

Mercy Kilpatrick is an FBI agent. She was raised in her childhood by survivalists. As an FBI agent, she is ready to take any challenge, even if it is about her intimidating reception to her home return. But, she is certainly not the only one who is triggering chaos in the Eagle’s nest rural community. The community we are talking about is in Oregon. At first, it was believed to be all those teenage pranks. But, now, mercy is on a serious hunt along with Truman Daly. The Police Chief. They were chasing an arsonist who turned into a killer. Mercy must keep her ears close to the ground so she shouldn’t miss any lead about the killer. It didn’t take long for her to hear rumors regarding the soaring antigovernment movement in the area.

A Merciful Truth is an intense mystery thriller. You will love the character of Mercy Kilpatrick. The performance by Teri in the audio version is also great.

Mercy Kilpatrick Book 2

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