Best Audiobook 2020: The Winter of Our Discontent By John Steinbeck

Tragedies, action, and strange reactions of the people garnish most of the novels by John Steinbeck. The current novel is the last one the author has ever written in his life and the fans of The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden will find it more interesting than many others. One single figure is the one around which the whole story revolves i.e Ethan Allen Hawley.

 Ethan once was a rich man of the town as he belonged to the upper class of Long Island. But it has become a thing of the past now, no one recognizes him anymore. Ironically Ethan works in the same store which his family used to own in the past. Being just a clerk in the store he hardly makes both ends meet for his family. His wife and children always look at him with dismay as their requests get a negative response all the time.

 Nothing remains under Ethan’s control anymore except his will to survive and do whatever is right. Later the story gets the trademark twist of John Steinbeck when Ethan fails in controlling himself too. The man knows what the difference between right and wrong is but the desires and demands of the children take over. He breaks all the standards that he has set for himself in his mind and takes one gigantic decision.

 Steinbeck quite beautifully describes how surroundings affect the personality and mental condition of a person. Fan’s favorite David Aaron Baker’s voice touches the sky in this book, the narrator after this can be considered as a yardstick in such dramatic stuff. David knows exactly where to keep the pauses and where to release the breath in the action scenes.

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