Best Audiobook 2020 – Half Broke Horses By Jeannette Walls

The real story about Lily Casey Smith gets the expert touch of Jeannette Walls in writing and narration. Lily was the grandmother of Jeannette of whom the author heard so much about from her mother. Lily was not an ordinary kind of girl rather she was an extraordinary child from the beginning. She was just six years of age when she started helping her father in the fields. As she grew up she took her responsibilities very seriously and never ran away from the tasks that were assigned to her. 

The first job that she started to earn for herself and her family was at the age of fifteen. As a teacher, she took the profession seriously, and to reach her destination in those days she used to cover more than five hundred kilometers. Tiring down was not included in her dictionary. The young girl learned everything in very quick succession. From horse riding to flying a plane, Lily became an expert in every field and proved that a girl can do anything if she is motivated and committed. 

Don’t forget to order The Glass Castle and Dish along with this real tale. There are things in these stories that will change the listener’s approach towards life. Self-development and a sense of achievement are aroused especially in the minds of women and young girls. We rarely see women facing such hardships and are still motivated and committed to their tasks. Jeannette’s characters don’t run away from the scene at all, they remain firm and determined to their jobs till the end of their lives.

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