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The Silent Sea is an adventure, suspense, and nautical fiction novel written by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul. It is the seventh novel of The Oregon Files series featuring our hero Juan Cabrillo and his motley crew. Cussler, the author of this book, is an American novelist and an underwater explorer. He has written plenty of thrillers. His titles have hit the New York Times bestseller list more than twenty times. Check out Black Wind if you’re interested in another book from him. You can also read The Sea Hunters II, which is non-fiction.

Scott Brick is the narrator of this book. He is a very reliable voice-actor at this point in the series. You know what to expect from him. He doesn’t disappoint with the different voices he uses for all the characters.

It is December 7, 1941, and five brothers have made an extraordinary discovery off the coast of Washington State on a small island. As they are on this, news of Pearl Harbor reaches them. Back in the present, Cabrillo is chasing the remnants of a satellite in an Argentinean jungle. He stumbles upon a remarkable revelation of his own. As he tries to untangle the mystery, he first heads towards the small islands and the secret, and then on the track of an ancient Chinese expedition. There is a curse that has survived for 500 years. If Cabrillo and his team succeed, the reaping will be plenty, but if they fail, then it’s certain death.

These stories always have something to teach us about history. There is non-stop action without much gore and lurid sex. This novel is based on the headlines of the time it was released – US debt to China and how it can affect foreign policy and national security.

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