Audiobook Online – The Ramona Quimby Audio Collection By Beverly Cleary

The Ramona Quimby Audio Collection is a book for children which is a literature fiction with a highly addictive tale.  Henry and the Clubhouse is a book for children written by Beverly Cleary alone. Beverly Cleary is an American author of young adult fiction and children novels.

She is one of the most successful American authors. 

Stockard Channing is the voice behind all the fantastic characters in this book. Her way of taking up the voice of Ramona was quite impressive that came with some great humor and sympathy which the audience just loved. The best part of her performance is that she is able to bring all the main characters to life and without sounding overly dramatic.

The book is a collection of fairy tales. The story in this book is all about the wacky adventures of Ramona which are quite joyful and hilarious. The book feature in the top 20 best audiobooks for families.

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