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The Oysterville Sewing Circle is a novel by famous author Susan Wiggs. The content of the book is about exploring the most volatile issue today, which is domestic violence. Ten years ago, Caroline started her career in the glamorous world of fashion in Manhattan. Incident befalls her, Miss Caroline flees to the only safe place she knows. How does she fight everything to have a happy life? We invite you to watch this wonderful story unfold.

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Review 1: The Oysterville Sewing Circle A Novel audiobook by Haveenoughstuff

Best listen I’ve had all year! I loved it!

This is not the average romance novel. Almost taken from the past couple years’ news of the abuse of powerful men or women you might see in your neighborhood or at the grocery store. It is a message to society that men cannot get away with assaulting, demeaning, robbing women of their dignity and self esteem. It is a novel of hope and the power of women coming together and saying NO MORE; women are strong. Together women are a force that must be reckoned. It is bittersweet to see justice served after such a brutal tragedy. It is a triumph of hope for women and our daughters to be recognized as intelligent, creative, and loving humans. It also recognizes that there are men who do support and share happy partnerships.

Review 2: The Oysterville Sewing Circle A Novel audiobook by Rusty

More Now, Less Then

I loved the book’s premise of women supporting other women through difficult times. However, the author spent more time (read hours and hours) rehashing Caroline, Will and Sierra’s childhood then telling us about their adult lives.

It made absolutely no sense that Will would stay married to Sierra for 10 years when they wanted such totally lives. It was fine that she wanted a fashion career but stringing Will along with promises of starting a family was just cruel.

I enjoyed the relationship Caroline developed with her friend’s children when she suddenly became their guardian, proving that love makes a family rather than DNA.

Best of all, the author gave an honest portrayal of domestic abuse, showing that dominant men are not romantic heroes but actually violent predators who hate women.

Review 3: The Oysterville Sewing Circle A Novel audiobook by Ev

Great story

The story was excellent but I didn’t like the narrator. She read in a contrite way when there was sadness and annoying ways when it was romantic or tender moments

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