Audiobook Online – The Most Human Human By Brian Christian

The Most Human Human is a computer, history, and culture book authored by Brian Christian. This book is the exploration of ways in which computers are shaping our idea of life and what it means to be living. Christian is a man of many talents with degrees in computer science, poetry, and philosophy. Make sure to check out Algorithms to Live by. He has also written The Alignment Problem.

Brian comes up with amazing ideas and it is great that he uses his voice to narrate these books. It gives us a clear idea of where the voice is coming from. He emphasizes the right places. It is just a nice experience to listen to his performance.

Every year, the AI community meets up and puts their machines through the Turing Test. They pit their sophisticated machines against humans to determine if they can think or not. The machine that fools the judges the best is given the award of Most Human-Computer. But ironically, there is also another strange award by the name of “Most Human Human”.

Christian was chosen to participate in such recent competitions. His efforts lead to this book, which proves that he is more human than a machine. Not only that, but his book is also a journey to the mystery of what it means to be a human in the first place.

This book is a must-read for people interested in Artificial Technology or those familiar with neural networks. The author tells us that as computers are becoming more and more technologically advanced, they’re not becoming like us rather they are being pushed away from us. Our emotions and our irrationality is not our weakness, rather it is what makes us humans.

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