(Audiobook Online) My Dear Hamilton By Stephanie Dray

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, a famous figure in history, is given full attention in this novel as Stephen Dray and Laura Kamoie go deep in the past and come with the real and detailed truth. A struggling time in the history of mankind sees the struggle of a woman who went through everything and yet remained unbroken. 

Eliza was a general’s daughter and thus she had a good time during her youth but it was her marriage that changed the landscape for her. She fell in love with Alexander Hamilton who had a poor job in the army and was a bastard in origin. Things like these didn’t matter in true love and Eliza started struggling in life along with her husband without any remorse. It was a fate that she herself selected but then more unexpected things happened.

 She faced treachery and became the part of first sex scandal ever, life shattered in front of her and the war took her husband away from her. More tragic was the reality that she came to know about her husband. Her marriage bond was not like her dreams and her husband was never half the man she expected him to be. America’s First Daughter and Lily of the Nile had superb characters but none was like this original woman who fought battle on every front of her life and achieved nothing but tragedies.

 Cassandra Campbell’s voice laments to us so that we listen to the whole tale with full attention in order to feel the emotions of Eliza and understand the tragedies of her life. The book possesses some real tags of Eliza’s letters that she wrote during her lifetime and these are really heart touching. 

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