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Map of the Heart is a novel by famous author Susan Wiggs. The book is about love and family, war and secrets, betrayal and redemption. The story revolves around a girl named Camille Palmer who is at peace with a simple and idyllic present life. Then events come into her life, how will this exciting adventure change her life? We invite you to follow this wonderful story.

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Review 1: Map of the Heart A Novel audiobook by Elizabeth B. Brandt

Not vintage Wiggs, but better than some of her more recent books

I thought Susan Wiggs’s early books were really great. In this book she gets back towards those early efforts. The book is not as formulaic as some from her Lakeside series. But it still lacks the gritty real life characteristics of her first novels.

The narrator is weak. I was able to continue listening. But she doesn’t have very good read them or sensitive matching her voice to the level of intensity of the passage in the book. And her male voices need a lot of help.

Review 2: Map of the Heart A Novel audiobook by suebsue

Sooo predictable

It could have been interesting given the historical nature of it. Just became boring and had to force myself to finish it. I wanted to slap both the main character for her fear of everything in life as well as her love interest. If he said “cool” one more time I thought I’d scream. And I did. Don’t bother.

Review 3: Map of the Heart A Novel audiobook by Wendi

Map of the heart

The Narrator was awful! She was yelling many times! Then so quiet I kept having to readjust my volume! Kept saying he said or she said as if readers we’re ignorant!
The story was very boring the first few hours! I believe Susan Bennett or Polar Witherspoon could as narrator’s made this novel more exciting! Waste of credit with this narrator!

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