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Leap is the second book in the Breakthrough series by author Michael C. Grumley. An achievement that shocked the world. Alison Shaw nervously looks at the giant seawater tank. She and her team of sea creatures wowed the world with their unexpected discovery. A test ship in Russia that has long since been dismantled has suddenly surfaced along a lonely coast in South America.


Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Leap audiobook by Someone who bought.

Fine sequel,but the first book was better

I found the first book in the series stunning. so I bought all the rest of the series. This second one kind of dragged on for me. Can’t really say why, as I liked the characters the author is developing the story around. There was action, but for some reason I found it a bit boring in comparison to the first book. I will read the 3rd in the series, and hope that it returns to the spectacular style of the first.

Review 2: Leap audiobook by Debra Rogers


Theses are my favorite books to read. So I was so excited to fine them in a audible form. While listening to the book, GM’s descriptions brought the story to life. I could invasion each scene as if I were a part of it. I highly recommend this book series to all my reading friends.

Review 3: Leap audiobook by Cindy Sheridan

I am about half way through and I’m planning to give up. It’s rare I don’t finish a book, but I can’t bring myself to read any more. Am I the only one puzzled at how a dolphin who carried a nuclear bomb into a spinning ring in the ocean is suddenly alive again? Or how there’s no mention of this at all? The female characters are all pretty stupid for being supposedly smart. Who jumps on a plane with a gorilla in your care after hearing a sketchy story from a man you never met before without doing ANY due diligence?! Oh, because all women are suckers driven by crushes on boys we met years ago.

Premise seems good, but the character work is sloppy and there’s not enough logic to support decisions made – including the haphazard “scientific” studies conducted. I couldn’t stomach anymore of this series. A pity because while the first book did have some of these flaws, I expected an improvement in the second – not a deterioration.

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