Audiobook Online Free: Keystone By Dannika Dark

Dannika Dark is an American author, she won the Audie Award for Paranormal. Keystone is the fascinating novel in the series Crossbreed by famous author Dannika Dark. The story tells about Raven Black is half vampire, half magician, she lived for many years as a con man to survive. She often hunts evildoers to entertain herself. A Russian acquaintance has introduced her to a job in a secret organization that introduces her to the job of hunting people outside the law room.

She is happy because she has meaningful work, bringing happiness to everyone. Her partner is her new Partner Christian Poe, a handsome, intelligent vampire with whom she wants to work together. Her dark past has affected her current job – Hunting for murderers. The dangers always come with Raven Black, how does she cope with everything? Invite you to watch the next development of this fascinating novel.

Crossbreed Series, Book 1

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